abbe 2017


abbe 2017 continued Queensland College of Arts research focus on artists books. It included a conference and in collaboration with Grahame Galleries the 6th artists book and multiples fair and exhibitions.

"the ideal fold is Zweifalt, a fold that both differentiates and is differentiated"*

The simplicity of folding and the complexity it can generate lie at the core of book culture and Gilles Deleuze’s zweifalt, a fold that both identifies difference and at the same time holds those differences within a relationship. A folio, a single sheet of paper folded in half, demonstrates these properties. Before the paper is folded neither of its surfaces are inherently privileged. Folding it in half immediately ascribes privilege, initiates a grid, a derivative, a measurement and identifies differences that include: protected, exposed, past, present and future. At the same time the fold activates relationships between those differences. It literally holds surfaces apart or together, it reveals and conceals and it moves differences between the surfaces it differentiates, for example reassigning the past, present and future to alternate surfaces. As a tangible act and a conceptual tool the fold scribes any content - material or phenomenal - that marks the folded surfaces of a book.

 Keynote    -    Uta Schneider
Keynote    -     Ulrike Stoltz
Keynote   -  Dr Clyde McGill

Australian Library of Art, SLQ
Julie Barratt
Virginia Barratt
Isaac Brown
Monica Carroll
Carolyn Craig
Marian Crawford
Adam Dickerson
Caren Florance
Brad Freeman and the Journal of Artists Books
Angela Gardner
Maren Götzmann
grahame galleries + editions
griffith university library, QCA
Bridget Hillebrand
Nicola Hooper
Marian Macken
Tess Mehonoshen
A K Milroy
Monica Oppen
Ana Paula Estrada
Amy E. Thompson
Paul Uhlmann
Wim De Vos


* quoted by Arkady Plotnitsky in “Algebras, Geometries and Topolog ies of the Fold”
in Between Deleuze and Derrida. Ed Paul Patton & J Protevi. Continuum, London, 2003.


Tim Mosely