books about books by artists - abbe 2017

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books about books by artists
was exhibited in 2017 at Griffith University Library, QCA part of abbe 2017

Tim Mosely’s collection of books on artists book practice,
textured by the haptic, print culture and autographic printmaking.

“Touch, the most complex of our senses, can be passive or active. Our touch of books is primarily passive, facilitating visual reading. Within the emerging field of haptic aesthetics, this passive act is termed a ‘tactile touch’ and is performed by the hand in service of the visual and aural senses. In counterpoint to this, the ‘haptic touch’ is active. As the quintessential relational sense, it moves over, across’ and around surfaces’ getting to know them intimately. The haptic touch plays a central role in how this collection was and continues to be gathered.

Gilles Deleuze and Félix Guattari assert that no book has an object or a subject other than how it is made. The significance then of artists books lies in the relationships that are found or developed with how they were produced. The texture of this collection focuses attention to the long relationship between the haptic and books by artists, a critical concern for discourse within the emerging critical field of artists books.”
Tim Mosely.


Tim Mosely