Copy of INFLECTION - 2016

image by Rebekka Evans

image by Rebekka Evans

Inflection; an exhibition of artists books & prints
from Griffith Centre for Creative Arts Research,
shown in 2016 at the Centre for Fine Print Research,
University of West England, Bristol, UK

Blair Coffey, Rebecca Evans, Andrew Frost, Chris Hagen, David Jones, Tess Mehonoshen, Tim Mosely, the Night Ladder Collective, David Nixon, Kellie O’Dempsey, Naomi O’Reilly, Glen Skien & Erica Dunkley, Jonathan Tse.

The diversity of artists books creative and research practice has for some time now exceeded the scope of any single research project investigating the field. This diversity will continue expanding as the material book, adopted by artists of all fields, continues to attract the attention of academic disciplines as well as the public. Inflection exemplifies this diversity at the same time as clarifying that print culture and the haptic are shaping the artists books research focus at GCCAR. Produced by staff and post graduate students from Queensland College of Art, the books in this exhibition are printed, drawn, painted, altered, cut and set, and resist being summed up by a passing glance. They remain opaque unless you touch them, spend time with them; and unless you let them affect you as you affect them.

Tim Mosely