the pinch
a double blind peer review collective



Critical discourse on artists books is still in its formative stages.
Shaping the nature of that discourse is an exciting prospect and the pinch has been initiated to advance criticality within the practice, critique, collecting and exhibiting of artists books. Expressions of interest in the pinch from any discipline are welcomed-  please contact Dr T Mosely for details.


An initial endeavour of the pinch
is to formualte an annotaded bibliography for researchers contributiing to the field
both through practice and writing.


... dc3p is a contemporary fine art publishing project associated with the print program at Queensland College of Art. Framed within print culture and haptic aesthetics the venture supports studio research into artists book practices that employ autographic printmaking.


artists books @ dc3p

.… the emergence of artists books in the twentieth century as a medium that engages the breadth of our senses was underpinned by collaborative practice between poets, artists and designers within print culture. This intersection between the fields of fine art, literature and design facilitated by the printed book continues to attract interest across the creative arts. Responding to the fields emerging critical discourse a research focus textured by 'the haptic'  has been established at dc3p. This focus embraces the production, reception and evaluation of artists books within the antipodes. In keeping with the haptic, the nature of the focus is dynamic, responding to the surfaces of the field.

To date that research includes;
abbe - the artists books brisbane events featuring conferences, artists book fairs & exhibitions,
JAB39 - the publication of peer reviewed articles and essaysin the Journal of Artists Books,
pinch - a peer review collective supporting critical discourse on artists book practice,
the codex events - a series of collaborative publishing events and masterclasses featuring invited & visiting artists or scholars,
and exhibitions - national & international featuring books by artists.

Other epicentres of artists book research dc3p has links with include:

Centre for Fine Print Research
Journal of Artists Books
The Codex Foundation
Bibliotheca Liborum Apud Artificem
centre for the artist book at Grahame Galleries + Editions
State Library of Queensland

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